Hg2 : The Hedonist

A Hedonist’s guide to…


Ziliotto Design
Gorgeous jersey pieces from a designer who trained at Chanel.
Make sure you have plenty of energy to tackle this discount clothing shop.
Vintage Mix 1
Get into the vintage spirit and search for that something special at Vintage Mix 1.
Vera Wang
Just the name, 'Vera Wang', is enough to conjure up visions of beautiful brides and elegant eveningwear.
Type Books
An independent bookstore, beloved by all who know it.
TNT Woman/Man
Don't let the surroundings fool you, labels await within.
Tiffany & Co.
You know you want to take something home in that little Tiffany blue box.
The Refinery
Personal shopping with Wendy.
The Rage
What was the rage then is the rage now. Get your brand new retro here.
The Paper Place
All your paper needs can be answered here. You'll probably end up with quite a lot you never knew you needed as well. It's too tempting.
The Eaton Centre
With 230 shops and an art piece featuring a flock of life-sized Canada geese flying through the atrium, this mall is definitely a shopping stop.
The Bra Bar
Multi-label lingerie boutique.
The Bay Queen Street
An impressive history lies behind this shopping powerhouse.
St. Lawrence Market
Torontonians are fiercely proud of this building - it's one of their oldest (built in 1851 and based on architectural plans for London's Victoria Station), and houses one of the world's best food markets.
Whether you're planning on fun in the sun or just chilling with some fiction, Spectacle has all your optical needs covered.
Silver Falls Vintage
Perfectly preserved vintage fashion.
Shoppers Drug Mart
Two floors of junk food and beauty products. Oh, yes.
Pop along and try on some 'yoga jeans'.
Seventy Seven
This concept store in historic Yorkville is Pink Tartan's flagship.
A makeup mecca. Definitely worth a pilgrimage to.
Rotate This
Vinyl forever, baby.
Clothes, shoes and accessories from American and Canadian designers.
This fine foods emporium attracts the custom of the cash-flash, loafer-wearing brigade.
An eco-boutique with some high octane fans.
Trust the chic Italians to give us such an entrancing fashion house.
Over The Rainbow
The jeans from Over The Rainbow will truly send you over the moon.
Nearly Naked
If the name isn't enough of a draw, it stocks lingerie from Chantelle and Princesse Tam-Tam.
Milli's womenswear labels glitter.
Magic Pony
Feel the magic at this concept store.
Made You Look
This jewellery shop is worth every step it takes to get there.
MAC Cosmetics
Every colour, every shade, every brush and accessory you could possibly want can be found at MAC. Whether you're a professional pretender or the real deal, get your make up here.
Deliciously soft leather at deliciously affordable prices.
Lululemon Athletica
Canadian brand for athletic-stroke-casual wear and yoga paraphernalia.
Louis Vuitton
Lilliput Hats
Magnificent millinery from Lilliput. And some pretty super celeb clientele, too.
The price tag might be significant at this luxe emporium, but there's a juice bar.

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