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We are really good at what we do. And that’s content. Whether it’s creating engaging content strategies, inspiration or aspirational content, or pulling in our team of global editors to deliver interactive localised content, we know what good content is all about.



A data-driven content strategy informed by the habits and desires of the brand audience.

Content created for your brand, whether through your website, a specific campaign, or as a stand-alone blog, is tailored to your target audience and brand objectives. 

Content is worked harder by repurposing it across different platforms and social media channels to enhance the value. 

Over 200 editors spread across the globe deliver localised, brand content that is on-trend, bespoke and engaging to an audience. 

Our content and implementation team take responsibility for uploading all material. Their fast-response attitude eliminates all the stress and time constraints.



Campaigns talk to your customers and keep the conversation going.

We open a dialogue with consumers, encouraging interaction, communication, brand engagement and action through multiple social media platforms, website and campaigns.

Monitoring of audience engagement is carried out to A/B test best practice standards and the ensuring response is measured through select KPIs.

Audience building and integration into campaigns is implemented through the creation, development, management and maintenance of extensive social media platforms.



Engaging and SEO-focused content originated and created by local, language writers.

Developing SEO & keyword strategies in language.

Increased traffic, engagement and interaction with content that actually speaks directly to the market and hones in on individual market sectors.



Strategies build brand awareness and strengthen messages across multiple platforms.

Audits of existing content and strategies are carried out.

Research and creation of brand archetypes to focus engagement at.

Audience values are defined and research is carried out focusing on Google search queries and social media conversations.


Over the years we have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most exciting brands. Have a look and see what we’ve been able to do for them…


The Hg2 team has years of creative, editorial and agency experience helping to deliver the most engaging content strategies for clients.



Hg2 founder, Tremayne Carew Pole, first made his mark by creating ‘Content’ for the travel industry, which he still produces today. With over 200 editors spread across the globe, delivering localised editorial, clients are provided with the highest quality brand content across all media.

Now working with some of the world’s best known brands, Hg2 Content Lab produces beyond bespoke campaigns that are innovative and stylish, each with a dedicated team of highly-talented industry specialists.

Katie Manning



Katie has over 10 years’ experience in the editorial arena, cutting her teeth at boutique travel brand Black Tomato before moving on to Hg2.

Over time Katie has built up a network of over 200 global editors, each uniquely positioned within multiple destinations and sectors to create on-brand and on-trend content.

As a self-confessed perfectionist, she ensures that all of Hg2’s output is optimised for individual clients.

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