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When Englishmen Terry Walshe and Nick Hargreaves opened 647 as a members-only club in 2006, the number of cosmetic enhancements in Buenos Aires went through the roof. Everybody wanted become part of the San Telmo flea-pit that transformed into a futuristic palace, styled in what they call ‘Shanghai opulence’ – until, that is, the small matter of the AR$2,000 membership fee reared its head.

In their enthusiasm, Walshe and Hargreaves had overlooked the fact that fashionable Argentines, the kind who give prestige to a place like this, do not and will not pay for anything. They consider their presence payment enough. So the membership fee was scrapped, and 647 is now open to anyone who can afford the drinks.

Two factors make 647 different from other high-roller bars: first, the design is as unique as you will witness in Buenos Aires; and second, the bar is run by Tato who, along with Casa Cruz’ Ines, is the finest bartender in the city.

Wednesday nights attract a late crew of models and their coiffured chaperones, en route to Asia de Cuba, but Friday nights are most popular. Currently misfiring but potentially brilliant, 647 is still the most impressive place to twiddle your olive stick and should be high on your list.

Tacuar’ 647,
+54 11 4331 3026
Opening Times
8pm to closing. Closed Mondays from 8pm
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