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After Hours

Arkos, Avenida Casares, corner of Avenida Sarmiento, Palermo
+54 11 4804 2512  www.clubarkos.com.ar
Open: From 2am Sat, 7am Sun

An after-hours veteran Arkos, with capacity for 1,200, has been revamped and clubbers pour in on Saturday and Sunday mornings for a Sabbath sweat-box session. Caix (see below) is all about sunlight, while Arkos is about prolonging the darkness of the night before.

Caix, Avenida Rafael Obligado, Costanera Norte
+54 11 4806 9749 www.caix-ba.com.ar
From 1am Sat, 9am-3pm Sun

Sunglasses and sweatbands are a must. The most famous of the after-hours venues, Caix is also the finest – the slightly ‘accelerated’ crowd of regulars will vouch for this. It’s our choice for a Sunday-morning after-burn until midday, when it’s time to go wakeboarding in Tigre (See PLAY).

La Conzuelo, Corner of Cabrera and Humboldt
7am-noon Fri

Friday mornings at La Conzuelo after Club 69 (remember that El Teatro is the new venue for Club 69) have become popular with the Kim y Novak tranny crowd (see DRINK).  The great thing about La Conzuelo is that it’s easy to get in and out of if things get too heavy inside. This small corner club is only for the most dedicated of Friday morning clubbers.

Pinar de Rocha, Av. 2º Rivadavia 14751, Ramos Mejía
+54 11 4654 2273  www.pinarderocha.com
7am-7pm Sun

For the after after-party. Pinar de Rocha takes the after-party concept to the next level by offering a nightclub that continues through Sunday morning, afternoon and evening. After that, why not just go out again? We wish you the very best of luck.

Transformations, Aguero 726, Centre
5am-2pm Fri-Sun

This has to be the weirdest place in Buenos Aires. Transformations have indeed taken place. Exceptionally deceptive shemales roam this grotty cavern, drag queens perform on stage, and the house music pounds away until the merry men stumble out into the scorching sun. Do not go alone.

Buenos Aires,
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