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Bombay Brasserie

In many ways, Bombay Brasserie is a cut above the other Indian restaurants in Cape Town: it offers a complete escapist experience,rntransporting you far from the bustle of downtown Cape Town, and into therndecadent embrace of a Bollywood chamber reeking of old money (as oldrnbanks should). Chandeliers drip with glitzy blue crystals, armchairsrncoated in regal fabrics cushion hungry diners, and everywhere, thernconversion of old into new shows evidence of a successful transition forrna very special dining experience. In fact, it’s one of the top eatingrnexperiences in the country, with novel interpretations of traditionalrnIndian dishes by the quite brilliant Harpeet Kaur, who-besides honingrnher skills at Masala Kraft (one of our favourite Mumbai restaurants)-hasrncooked for the Indian Prime Minister. Her menu works on so many levels,rnand is presented with panache and aplomb by a cracking Maitre’D whosernrecommendations are spot-on (no need to open the menu here).he’ll havernyou salivating at the mere thought of what’s on offer. He knows Kaur’srnrepertoire inside out, and also adeptly pairs bold South African winernvintages that work fantastically alongside the spicier notes on thernfood. Perhaps it’s an easy task when everything, from the smokedrneggplant mash to the masala chai flavored crème brulee, is of a winningrnilk. You spend the night feeling humbled by the accumulation ofrninteresting flavors-and the elegance of your surrounds helps cushionrnyour free-fall into a night of culinary decadence.

Taj Cape Town, Wale Street,
City Centre
+27 21 819 2000
Opening Times
12-2pm Mon-Fri (6-10.30pm Mon-Sat).
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