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Campo Pequeno

This Moorish-style arena, Campo Pequeno was built in 1892 so one of the oldest bullrings in Europe making it one of the great things to do in Lisbon . The season generally lasts from April to September and tickets cost between €15 and €60, depending on whether you opt for sol (sunny) or sombra (shady) seating.

Unlike Spanish fights, the bull is not killed (although it often dies out of sight afterwards). The tourada opens with a toureiro in 18th-century costume provoking the bull. An eight-man-team of forcados then moves in to immobilize the animal. Finally they persuade the bull to charge at them, while the front man leaps between the horns.

The Lusitano horse, able literally to run rings around the bull with graceful prowess, is key to this process. Building work on an underground car park has seen the ring closed for the past two years, but if you’re keen for the experience, bullfights regularly take place in the small towns around Ribatejo (north-west of Lisbon), where the animals are bred.

Praa de Touros do Campo Pequeno,
Campo Pequeno
+351 21 793 2143
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