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Hajachnun Shel Ima

Jahnun, a popular Yemenite rolled dough pastry traditionally served with a hard-boiled egg and diced tomato sauce, has long been synonymous with the weekend, due mainly to its manner of preparation. Inserted into the oven right as Shabbat falls, the dish is ready to be served the following morning, thus offering a hot meal option during the holy day, when fire and electricity are not to be used. Hajachnun shel Ima, translated from Hebrew to ‘Mom’s Jachnun’, serves as the best option for a traveling hedonist wishing to try the delectable meal without having to befriend a Yemenite mother.

Located by the Yemenite quarter and the Carmel market, the restaurant’s offerings are a natural complement to its settings. In addition to the venerated Jachnun, guests can sample other traditional Yemenite dishes, such as Malawach, fried bread not unlike India’s Paratha, as well as the ever-popular hummus and Israeli salad options. Try and get there during the day, as night-time snacking may find you between inebriated Allenby street club-goers. 

Jachnun shel Ima,
Kerem HaTeimanim
Opening Times
Noon- Last Customer, daily,
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