Hg2 : The Hedonist


If you have ever wondered how that baby deer feels as the pack of hungry wolves circles it, drawing inexorably closer and closer, then you’ll have some empathy for the foreign male in Infiniti, beset by a bevy of Bakuvian beauties, available for a price. Men stand fixedly, like rabbits in head-lights, while the women prowl – usually in pairs – before moving in for the kill. They strike Playboy poses in your sight-line, tossing tousled manes of hair, seductively licking a finger or trailing it in their cleavage, or they do walk-bys, making curious, low, guttural moans or even, in some extreme cases, lean heavily against you at the bar. Anything, in fact, short of actually striking up a conversation. Annoyingly, for some at least, Infiniti consistently plays some of the best dance music in Baku and is arguably the best place to come and get down, if, that is, you can handle the predatory ladies of the night(club), which to be fair are actually the main draw for some of the crowd.

Vidadi St, 148, Torgova,
+994 12 596 3229
Opening Times
daily, 10pm-6am
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