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Inspira Santa Marta

Inspira Santa Marta is one of Lisbon’s unusual hotels; have a look at the hotel website to find out what you’re best suited to (depending on your birthday), and let the staff at Inspira Santa Marta carefully arrange colours and furniture to ensure you feel perfectly at ease and in harmony with the universe.

Apparently, water is for those who want to relax and recharge, while the fire rooms (which should prove a hit with hedonists worldwide) are ideal for the more sociable types. But by all means, do not let such a trifling detail as your birthday dictate where you should sleep. If you’re not happy with the category the universe assigned you to – say, you’re water but looking for a much more fiery experience – then go for it and to hell with feng shui.

The concept of a sustainable hotel is not new, but this one is in a state-of-the-art building, and every detail is carefully thought-out. Lights are off when they are not being used, there isn’t a buffet (no food waste) and nothing is printed, including your bill, which is emailed to you after your stay. Nonetheless, breakfast is fantastic and plentiful – especially if you make room for the lovely pasteis de nata, Portugal’s famous custard tarts.

And if you’re still feeling a bit stressed out — despite the better efforts of feng shut — there’s an on-site spa that adheres to the same eco principles, and looks stunning to boot, too. Located close the city’s main sightseeing and shopping, Inspira Santa Marta is the perfect urban oasis for hedonists who care.

Rue de Santa Marta, 48,
Lisbon City
+351 21 044 0900
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