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Jewish 2

Tapping into the former glory of legendary bar Jewish Princess, Owner Ariella Landa opened the Jewish 2 as a new home for those missing long nights of treasured sleaze and mind-enhancing additives, all set in a dimly lit hedonist’s haven. Located a block away from Rothschild Boulevard, a main artery of the city’s nightlife, one senses a tinge of exclusivity while passing through the heavy doors, as if happening upon a secret party. And this is partly true, as a constant list of DJs bearing local and international notoriety will unexpectedly inhabit the DJ booth, strategically located to your immediate left upon entering the main room.

Fitting the urban chic mode, the Bar interior features a mix of bare concrete walls along with a cacophony of sketches and dissonant phrases lining the walls. The ironically placed pin-ball machine off to the near-right corner adds an element of metallic brightness that complements scattered lamps filtering light through the thick smoke of cigarettes and whatever else. Smoking is officially banned in Israel, but such social regulations are often treated as mere recommendations, supplemented by an occasional fine.

The nights at Jewish 2 are dominated by various facets in house music, ranging from minimalist to tech-house, as well as the occasional 80’s night. The crowd is a clash of scensters seeking the new spot, hipsters fresh off the plane from Berlin, Gay spill-over from nearby LBGT hot-spots, and all others who love house music and prefer the early hours of their days in enclosed, smoky bars. Following your first drink, do check out the second floor ‘den’, a large space meant to be used as a waiting room for the restrooms. Your friends at Jewish 2 are well aware that the bathroom stalls are often utilized for long periods of time, and wished to make your wait as pleasant as possible. Remember, patience is a virtue, and new friends are always made at the queue for the toilets.

Nachalat Binyamin 48,
Rothschild Blvd
+972 50 785 0260
Opening Times
9pm-last customer. Closed Sundays.
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