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Kleine Matterhorn

Once down in Furi at 1,865m it is up to the Klein Matterhorn; if you go all the way to the top you will reach 3,320-metres, where you will find some of the most thrilling runs in Zermatt. The air is very thin, so go easily or you will be short of breath very quickly. As you cross the glacier you’ll see a number of routes that should only be attempted with a mountain guide; from the Schwarztor to various routes down the Unterer Theodul Glacier. For a glacier, there are a few steep pitches on the marked runs and a number of national race teams practice here out of season. But it is fairly benign stuff – unless, of course, you head off-piste with a mountain guide. Then it is the real deal. It is also possible to drop over into Cervina from here, where there are plenty of wide-open, fairly easy red-piste skiing. We, however, prefer to stay in Zermatt. If you want to try your hand at some couloirs then the three garten couloirs are a good option. The first is easy, but they get progressively trickier; the entrance to the final one can be awkward and may require a small jump in. The log run under the Matterhhorn is also well worth checking out; not so much for the skiing but for getting away from it all. Indeed, the alternative views of the mountain are truly spectacular.

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