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La Sanwicherie

Miami Beach, so focused on the twin pleasures of lounging and laziness, is somehow not strong on the portable meal, save for the few fast food options strung along Collins and Washington. The best chance for a decent beach picnic meal is La Sandwicherie, which has crammed baguettes full of turkey and Camembert since 1988. It’s worth paying attention to watch how fast the staffers can stuff these baguettes full of delicious ingredients: thirty-five seconds remains the record for a ham, turkey and salad baguette with extra French dressing and jalapenos. You can also decide to stay and sit at the bar, which serves no alcohol but makes up for it with smoothies and lip-smackingly good fruit or veggie juices. And since it’s open until the drinking establishments bar the doors, La Sandwicherie is perfect for creatures who have the late-night munchies. Sandwiches are very well filled – there are eight possible toppings, plus mayo or vinaigrette – and can easily be shared.

229 14th Street,
South Beach
+1 305 532 8934
Opening Times
daily, 8am-5am
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