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MAD in Tel Aviv

Though Tel Aviv enjoys one of the more mild winters of any global city, symptoms of seasonal change are felt quite clearly in the local hedonistic lifestyle. Gone are the days of endless beach hours and rooftop parties. The slight chance of rain and the rare gust of wind spell the end of the line for beachside deck bars and street parties. While this unfortunate situation does last a mere three months or so, nightlife entrepreneurs have already found a way of adding relevancy to our meager winter.

Enter MAD in Tel Aviv, a massive club launched specifically to serve as the winter home for those wishing to take advantage of the extra long winter nights. Located in the unlikely Eastern part of the city, Mad in Tel Aviv was designed from scratch as a world-class venue that caters to a mainstream audience influenced by the nightlife scene in Berlin, Paris and Miami. The main hall, illuminated by wall-side LED lighting cubes, features bar-islands that break up the dance-floor into separate dance-floors. The soundtrack will usually be mainstream, with tinges of techno and some Dubstep. The crowd is officially over-27, but expect to see a wider age range. The crowd waiting to get into the venue is usually as large as the party inside, so reserve a table or arrive early for painless entry.

London Ministore, Ibn Gvirol 30,
Mahane Rabin
+972 50 422 2444
Opening Times
daily, 9pm (6pm Sat)-last customer
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