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Mari Vanna

Any other restaurant that would leave its diners so stuffed may be too much to handle, but the sweet house of the Russian grandmother you never had is too charming to leave angry. Even while wishing you had worn an elastic waistband and swearing off those lasts bites of honey cake and Napolean, it’s impossible to be mad at Mari Vanna or the mythical babushka the restaurant is named after. Amongst the kitch décor of walls shrouded in shelves of pickled everything, and hundreds of antiques filling every inch of empty space, well-heeled Russian expats and the finely groomed feast on Soviet dishes, including classic Russian salads, Khachapuri (Georgian pastry filled with cheese), handmade dumplings, stuffed cabbage and dozens of cream filled pastries. Luckily, the colourful selection of vodkas infused with everything from dill and cucumber to honey help cut through the carb overload. You’ll be stumped as to how all of these attractive diners (including the wafer thin Eurasian models) come away seemingly unscathed, but it will only leave you wanting to go back and try again.

116 Knightsbridge,
+44 20 7225 3122
Opening Times
daily,: noon-5.30pm; 7am-11.30pm (10.30pm Sun)
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