Hg2 : The Hedonist


Since making its first appearance in the global scene, the ‘hipster’ has evolved past its primary North American roots. The trend took form first in the streets of New York and London, thriving upon a renaissance of independent rock and hip hop that broke with the social norms dictated by major record-labels and fashion houses. Reaching Continental Europe, the movement took a turn for the electronic, metamorphising in the cultural laboratory that is Berlin. Upon reaching the Mediterranean shores of Tel Aviv, Hipster revealed itself as a hybrid of both models, supplemented by a love for Afrobeat and Bass-heavy music, as well as an addiction to Arak and Maccabee Lager. Its first stop was the Michatronix.

Naturally, adopting a trend once it had time to mature has its benefits. Owners of the Michatronix had evidently done their homework when designing the new dance-bar. Toying with the allure of exclusivity, the venue is hidden from sight behind a used electronics store’s front, accessible only by intercom. The interior décor is both seedy and retro-fit, with random lights, old 45’s pasted all over the walls, and an authentic CAPCOM Street Fight II arcade. The Bar is spare and cheap, to the average hipster’s delight. The music ranges in style, but rarely fails to get the crowd moving. Michatronix is a true jewel in the rough for a fitting crowd.

Ben Yehuda 26,
Ben Yehuda
+972 54 434 2261
Opening Times
daily, 9pm-last customer
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