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Oz Teatro

Oz Teatro is a large, American-style table-dancing bar and striptease club in Madrid where very good-looking women strip on stage or on your table. Housed in an impressive old theatre, it is a cut above the Madrid’s usual back-street peep-shows and dancing clubs. Sophisticated and stylish, as much as a strip club can be. The complex houses a restaurant and bar as well as the club itself. In this department, Oz Teatro is the best that Madrid has to offer.

There are two main red-light districts in Madrid. One is centred around Calle Montera in the city centre, and spills over onto the other side of the Gran Via. It’s what you’ll find in any other major city, with a plethora of strip joints, sex shops and bored-looking women swinging their handbags.
rnThe laws surrounding prostitution in Spain are complicated. It’s not illegal to pay for sex, or to solicit it, but it is against the law to pimp. In the past, the prostitutes working in the Calle Montera area have worked for themselves, are known to the police, and have been left to operate with little bother from the authorities.
rnIn recent years, however, an increasing number of Madrid’s prostitutes are coming from Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and it has become obvious that these groups are largely controlled by mafias. Occasionally there are high-profile raids, but largely, these rackets carry on unrestricted. The influx from overseas has, however, swelled the industry and the authorities have taken the rather strange decision to move the prostitutes out of the centre and into Madrid’s vast park, the Casa de Campo on the western edge of the city.
rnAlong the main access roads that run through the park you’ll find scantily-clad women and transvestites lurking in the trees, waiting for passing traffic, day and night. If you take the Telerifico cable car across the park you will see them standing around, chatting to kerb crawlers. It doesn’t seem to deter the Madrilenos from enjoying the park, however, and couples and families carry on with their picnics and afternoon walks undeterred.
Oz Teatro, General Org‡z 17,
+34 91 572 0931
Opening Times
7pm-4am. Closed Sunday and Monday.
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