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Peppersack is more straightforward than its arch-rival Olde Hansa across the street; the waitresses in this huge medieval-themed restaurant dress in similar costumes but don’t necessarily believe they live in the Middle Ages. It is, nevertheless, a splendid medieval space, with an evocative, candlelit atmosphere, and caters to the hundreds of tourist groups that pass through this central location every week. These it manages to absorb without unduly compromising the authentic atmosphere, although the edges of modern Estonia are visible in the simple, laminated menus.
rnPeppersack is housed in an enormous merchant’s quarters, which the owners have used to build a complex of consumer businesses – a café upstairs, a grill downstairs and a small bakery in the foyer. Yet it does enough to let you pretend you are munching on genuine Hanseatic fare.
rnWith playfully named, well-cooked dishes (‘Against Plague’, ‘Lady Margareta’s weakness’), Peppersack also brews its own medieval-style house beer and vodka, made with honey and spices. Food is presented in hearty portions with a big basket of bread (although the bread can be rock hard at times from reheating). The décor adds to the Hanseatic fantasy, with glass cases full of alchemist’s retorts and stills, impressive tapestries on the walls and splendid coats of arms.

Viru 2.,
Old Town
+372 646 6800
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