Hg2 : The Hedonist

Sex Boutique

Curated sleaze is an attribute difficult to synthesize. For a bar to radiate this facetious allure without tipping over the scales to perversion, thereby alienating much of the clientele on gentrified Dizengoff Street; well, this is no small feat. It does help when the owner, Rapha Ne’eman, creates the Sex Boutique bar as a seamless extension to the sex-toy store below. Entering the bar may provide a moment’s nod to Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, but through that black cloth divider is an elegantly designed late-nighter’s haven.

While the name brings to mind Amsterdam’s red-light district, the only overt sex in this pink-lit bar will be in some of the vintage photos decorating the bar-area, and perhaps in the sophisticated conversations of the students and artists that frequent the venue. Sex can also be heard emanating fro the speakers above, usually blasting a collection of soul and funk music selected by the owner and the bar-staff. And, to be honest, sex will probably happen after a round in this tight-packed bar where smoke, alcohol ,and sexual tension can easily lower inhibitions and lead to new anecdotes.

Dizengoff 122,
Central Dizengoff
+972 3 544 4555
Opening Times
daily, 7.30pm-last customer
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