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Spy Bar

This is possibly Sweden’s most famous nightspot, but don’t take that as a guarantee of its overall superiority and impressiveness. Spy Bar has had to keep up with the very contemporary ideas of its increasing number of rivals, but in fact it seems that little reinvention is needed, since this converted grand apartment continues to attract a large enough combination of suburban clientele and Swedish holiday-makers to rattle on successfully.
rnThe idea works – high ceilings in decoratively contrasting rooms, gold and velvet juxtaposed with straight and simple, and great acoustics for equally alternating styles of music. Despite much hype about the VIP ‘Red Room’, with heavy curtains separating it from the very unshabby ‘non-exclusive’ sections, waste no time trying to talk your way in here, as the people are no prettier and the drinks double the already extreme prices at the normal bar.
rnYou’d have thought, judging by the excessively fastidious bouncers, that getting in to Spy Bar was tantamount to finding the Holy Grail, but don’t waste energy fighting for too long, as battles on the doors of other nearby clubs may prove more fruitful and, once inside, more worthwhile too.

Birger Jarlsgaten 20, Norrmalm.,
+46 (0) 8 611 65 00
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