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Tequila Chicas

Only a short walk from the beach, Tequila Chicas is a new Latin bar at the northern tip of Ocean Drive in an arty courtyard that has been crying out for a bar since the last one closed down.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in Miami, so at Tequila Chicas they offer some staggering deals on drinks to draw the customers in. The bar itself is a solid, square structure built in stone and topped with wooden surfaces, decorated with baskets full of limes and a blonde bartender who crushes the fruit and grinds the mint.

The mood can only be described as tropical and unpretentious. The bar fills in the early evenings as locals get off work or people make their way back from the beach.

Tequila Chicas should be open for the foreseeable future as long as the owner does not offer to give the bar away as part of one of his ludicrous drinks deals. Not necessarily chic, but once the Tequila starts flowing – God help us all!

1501 Ocean Drive,
South Beach
+1 305 531 7010
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