Hg2 : The Hedonist


If you’re looking for the Roaring Twenties, you’ll find it here at Tretter’s, one of the snazziest bars in Prague. Suited and booted gents sip cocktails while elegant ladies preen and perch on bar stools – if Prague nightlife were a film, Tretters would probably be the main set. Although it’s one of the primary hang-outs for Prague’s exclusive and wannabe glam set, the actual space is nonetheless surprisingly mellow, mixing excellent cocktails with fairly naff music and serving them in convivial ambience.
rnA burly doorman acts as an effective filter after 8pm, meaning once in you are safe from the plebeian masses (stag groups, that is). An extensive list of cocktails is contained within a hard-backed tome found on the bar – more than enough to keep you busy for an entire weekend.
rnThe uniformed bar staff are smart and efficient, and do amazingly well to cope with the constant demands at peak periods given how time-consuming it can be to churn out such delicately made drinks. Tretters is the kind of place where you might meet the long-limbed model of your dreams, although our survey suggests you will need to be either well dressed or obviously wealthy (or both) before you receive much attention.

V Kolkovne 3,
+420 224 811 165
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