Hg2 : The Hedonist

Zaatar W Zeit

The traditional Lebanese breakfast pizzas, served at the Dubai cousin of this Beirut-based chain, are a bit of an acquired taste – the original rosemary-topped bread should not be attempted with a hangover as, with a mouth already starved of moisture, it feels a bit like eating tasty sand. Ironic really, as this place is open 24/7 and is a bit of stalwart for a post-pub, booze-sodden bite – they even deliver, so if you find yourself at home and lacking in lard it’s a perennial option (though of course you risk waking up to find yourself face-down in one on the sofa). It also stands up to consumption when in full possession of your faculties – there are many variations on the theme served here (the theme being bread, topped with stuff), from oozing cheesy bread to banana and chocolate topped, erm, bread. Not exactly Atkins friendly, but then again he’s dead. So who really cares?

Sheikh Zayed Road,
Trade Centre
+ 971 4 80 092 2827
Opening Times
daily, 24hr
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