The Emotional Trends of Travel

Discover the sensory power of words

Words by Bronwen Batey

At the start of the year, our screens and inboxes bubble over with travel trends and forecasts of what to focus on. Stories on ‘bleisure’, multi-generational family holidays, sleep tourism, digital detoxing, and nostalgic vacationing come around on a regular flight pattern.

As content curators, we know travel is a sensory experience; it’s how it makes you feel. The anticipation of a holiday, the culture shock of being somewhere new; that tingling frisson where your senses come alive as you dig your toes into warm powder sand, your screen a multi-coloured blue sea.

Let’s allow our emotions to set this year’s travel trends.

JOY – whether it’s the excitement of seeing family again on a multi-generational holiday, slowing down, finishing a book, dancing to the beat of the waves, meeting people, it’s the pure, unconditional joy of travel we yearn for now.

PURPOSE – celebrating nature, nurturing the planet, being more mindful of our travel impact, taking a slower, greener approach to getting there. We crave real stories by real people, written with empathy.

BALANCE – the see-saw of work and play is now a blend of both; we are digital but need escape, it’s about finding the time to stop and stay in one place for just a little longer, moderation and indulgence. It’s all about balance.

CURIOSITY – travel is playful, inquisitive. It’s about trying new things, expanding our minds. Opt for the lesser known, not the bright lights. Go solo and find yourself.

MODERATION – holidays can be light and shade; a luxury hotel followed by a homestay. Michelin for lunch, street food for dinner. Going behind the scenes of your favourite art museum, and losing time at a local flea market. The little things are just as exciting as a milestone tick box.

At Hg2,we believe in original content where storytelling paints an image, unfurls a scent and reverberates with a sound. Where the sensory power of words takes you on your own personal journey of discovery without a travel trend in sight.

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